Malta, or known as The Republic of Malta is a small group of islands in the Mediterranean. Located south of Italy it has been a key strategic military position for as long as there have been wars, i.e. forever. During WW2 Malta was a submarine base for the allies. Due to its proximity to Italy, it was heavy bombed as it was in easy range of Italian bombers. An almost incomprehensible 6,557,231 kilograms of bombs hit The people of Malta. They resisted and earned the county a George Cross medal. This is now featured on the Maltese flag. The cost of living in Malta is lower than in major cities in the U.S. and also cheaper than the big European cities.

You can find reasonably priced fresh produce available here. Likewise, the supermarkets also stock all your imported favorites. Eating out and public transport is inexpensive. Due to the small size of the island owning a car is not necessary here. It is also not recommended it has one of the highest gas prices in the Mediterranean. House prices are have been increasing. Yet, it is not as expensive as major city standards, especially outside of the usual ex-pat areas. Utilities are very reasonable.

The national language is Maltese but English is widely spoken. Malta has free public schooling and some of the best healthcare in the world. The prices for healthcare will keep your bank balance healthy. You can expect to pay around 15 Euros for a trip to the doctor. The weather in Malta is very agreeable with over 300 days of sunshine each year. The Island is one of the world’s best diving locations. Lack of dangerous fish and excellent shipwrecks to explore are plentiful.